Second Chances Matter

Hope 2 Hire is building a stronger community together through hands-on job training and life skills development for the prison population of Memphis.


Convicts Rearrested Within 3 Years of Release (National Avg)


Decrease in Recidivism Risk with Participation in Educational Programs

Building confidence through education

Self-confidence and education go hand-in-hand. Education can help someone be more confident in their abilities, and having confidence can encourage them to make it through their educational journey. At Hope2Hire, it’s our…

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Developing the Skills Necessary to Rebuild Lives

The Hope 2 Hire partners believe the most effective way to reduce recidivism is by developing a clear path to legitimate employment. Participants within the Division of Corrections will receive hands-on job and workforce training, resume writing skills, interview preparation, and continued support following their release.

What is Hope 2 Hire?