What Does a Holistic Reentry Program Look Like?

The statistics on recidivism in America are startling. According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, within three years of release, about two-thirds of state prisoners are arrested again. The holistic approach of reentry aims to decrease this number.

The problem begins at release. A majority of inmates leaving prison return to the same exact place they were prior to their time in prison. A holistic reentry program works to provide a positive and healthy mindset as well as opportunities for a better situation, before exposure to that environment again. This often looks like in-prison therapy and mentorship, job skills training, internships and other services that provide a path to a better life and hence better choices. This form of reentry teaches reintegration at many different levels of life – not overlooking care of self, attention to character, and work-mindedness. So what exactly do inmates need to make this transition as smooth as possible?

Hope 2 Hire programs supply plentiful resources through various partnerships. Some of these resources come in the form of essential self-care items and necessary documents that many of us overlook, like state-issued identification, social security cards, bus passes, food, prescription medication, clothes, drug tests and health/hygiene items. It is Hope 2 Hire’s mission to support, life and job skills training for people with a history of involvement with the criminal justice system.

We value every step in our process, always working to make sure the participants in our program are prepared to have a sustainable life outside of prison. The specifics of our work readiness training includes: letter and resume writing skills, completing employment applications, and interviewing. The life skills training educates participants on how to handle possible situations like: handling problems on the job, dealing effectively with bosses and co-workers, attendance on the job and handling criticism.

These courses give the inmates the upper hand to defeat the statistics. They are better equipped to thrive in society and in a better position to fend off a life that led to incarceration.The Hope 2 Hire holistic approach creates a more well rounded individual, and exposes them to opportunities. The program provides them a second chance to get it right, when they may have felt like they were counted out.

At Hope 2 Hire, we will continue our efforts to enhance the lives of our program participants post-incarceration. We believe that every situation is an opportunity for growth.

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