What marketable skills are being taught in prison?

There’s competition in the job market, which means it’s very important for candidates to come prepared with the skills needed to succeed in the workforce. It’s even more important for people entering the workforce after leaving prison. At Hope 2 Hire, our mission is to create and execute training and programming that lessens the gap for our participants and makes them marketable candidates upon release. We offer work readiness and career path training that are essential for making a smooth transition from inmate to employee.

The work readiness portion of our programming is offered by HopeWorks in partnership with the Shelby County Division of Corrections. This training includes letter and resume writing skills, completing employment applications and interviewing. Each of these elements is essential for students to conquer, as they are the initial introduction to a company for the candidate. We want each student to put their best foot forward from the start. A well-written resume and correctly filled out application showcases professionalism. This same level of professionalism is displayed in a well-spoken interview.

But, work readiness training is only the first step. We partner with Tennessee College of Applied Technology to offer technical education courses in career paths that include building construction technology, masonry and logistics. The building construction technology and masonry programs are designed to reflect the skill sets required for entry-level employment. The logistics program utilizes the Manufacturing Skills Standards Council Certified Logistics Technician program. Both the building and logistics programs create a new path for students – meaning they leave prison with skills that are marketable in high demand job fields.

Our participants leave prison with tools to secure job opportunities. We will continue to use our programs to advance our mission to provide a second chance in life.

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