Handling stressors outside of incarceration

Stress has a way of sneaking up on us and affecting our everyday life. But how do we manage our stress so that it doesn’t take over our lives? Below are some methods to help you channel your stress and promote a healthier mentality. 

Understand what causes your stress

Each person experiences stress differently. Before you can start coping with stress, it’s important to find triggers that are particular to you. The most common causes of stress are related to money, family, work, health or relationships. Identifying which situations make you feel most tense can help you pinpoint where your stress comes from.

Channel your stress in healthy ways

When you start to feel stressed, find ways to channel that stress. Healthy coping mechanisms include exercise, stepping outside for fresh air, talking to someone you trust, listening to music or journaling. Healthy mechanisms like these can be used to help reduce your overall stress level and promote a healthy lifestyle. But be cautious –  there are unhealthy coping mechanisms as well. Unhealthy strategies such as smoking, drinking or overeating can spiral out of control and become a stressor of their own. 

Practice self-care

When we feel stressed, we tend to stop thinking about our well-being. Stress causes us to feel like we aren’t in control and can infringe on our daily activities. Stepping back from the stress in our lives and focusing on ourselves can help lower your overall stress rate. Activities like taking a bath, reading a book, or getting enough sleep help to promote healthier habits and help combat stress.

Lean on your support system

It can be hard to open up to others about the things going on in our lives, but holding things inside can increase stressed and overwhelmed feelings. Help from supportive friends and family can help solve the problem at the root of your stress, and just talking about your feelings can improve your ability to manage your stress. Sometimes talking through problems you’re having can make you feel more in control and get a better understanding. 

The ways we feel and handle stress are unique to us, but channeling stress in productive ways will help you stay on the path toward a better life! Hope 2 Hire is here to help recently released individuals navigate the path towards legitimate and fulfilling opportunities through education, mentoring and more. If you have any questions or need further assistance on handling stressors please contact us at (901) 272-3700 or info@hopetohire.org.

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