Is mentorship essential for Hope 2 Hire’s success?

Merriam-Webster defines mentorship as “the influence, guidance or direction given by a mentor.” Additionally, it defines a mentor as “a trusted counselor or guide.” Mentor/mentee relationships are integral parts of our students’ success – but what makes them essential?

Career advancement
We believe that a clear path to legitimate employment can reduce recidivism rates. Hope 2 Hire students receive life skills training to prepare them for the workforce. This includes assistance with writing cover letters, completing job applications, interviewing tips and managing expectations from bosses and managers. Additionally, students receive hands-on training from a selection of career paths, thanks to a partnership with the Tennessee College of Applied Technology. A lot of this support and instruction comes from mentors who invest their time in supporting the academic and personal progress of our students. These opportunities grant Hope 2 Hire students the additional support they need to succeed in the workforce. By creating meaningful relationships and receiving quality education, students are ahead of the game when they begin their new careers.

Personal development
After completing the Hope 2 Hire program, students receive assistance from HopeWorks, one of our partner organizations. HopeWorks provides a plethora of resources for students, including access to food, clothing, prescription medications, even bus passes to get to work. Additionally, HopeWorks facilitates a relationship with Faith Encouragers, a volunteer who serves as a spiritual and career mentor for our students. Personal connections set Hope 2 Hire apart. These meaningful relationships fill the roles of confidants, friends and colleagues, often establishing a lasting rapport between student and mentor, and inspire, transform and build confidence among our students.

Interested in becoming a mentor?
Hope 2 Hire is always looking for volunteers who are willing to mentor our students. If you’re interested in getting involved, please click here to fill out our contact form. A staff member will be in touch to complete your request and discuss your options.

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