Getting involved with prison ministries

Hope 2 Hire was founded out of a desire to build a stronger community through hands-on job training and life skills development for the prison population of Memphis. By establishing a system of second chances, Hope 2 Hire has grown into a transformative operation assisting the lives of people who often don’t receive the helping hand they need to succeed upon release.

While Hope 2 Hire is helping people daily, the job is far from finished. While overall crime is down, the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation reported a violent crime increase of almost 25% in 2020 compared to the previous year in the City of Memphis. Beating the cycle of recidivism is a constant battle for previously incarcerated people – one that’s difficult to face alone. Keep reading to learn more about ways you can get involved with prison ministry.

Become a faith encourager

Merriam Webster defines a mentor as “a trusted counselor or guide,” and Proverbs 15:22 says, “Without counsel, plans fail, but with many advisers, they succeed.”

Mentors change lives – and at Hope 2 Hire, we call our mentors faith encouragers. They provide a roadmap to navigate the struggles of reentering society, demonstrate the love and compassion of Christ, assist in setting constructive goals for the future and act as open arms of comfort and solitude. Becoming a Hope 2 Hire faith encourager allows you to personally impact one of our student’s lives. And while you may enter this program prepared to teach, it’s common for you to learn just as much from your mentee during the process. Inquire about faith encourager opportunities here.

Consider partnership opportunities

Through Hope 2 Hire, our students receive training and counseling during a 13-week program in which they learn a vocational trade including logistics, building construction technology, masonry or electrical. Case managers are also provided to assist students with reentry when training is complete. They leave prison with skills that are incredibly valuable to many local businesses. If you’re interested in partnering with Hope 2 Hire as a professional or potential employer, click here.

Support spiritually and financially

There are many ways you can give to Hope 2 Hire. Whether it’s monetarily, spiritually or physically through volunteering or mentoring, we appreciate all of the support we receive from our constituents. Looking to get involved? Click here to find out more.

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