Tools of the trade – what trade programs are we teaching in 2021?

At Hope 2 Hire, we believe that the most effective way to reduce recidivism is by creating a clear path to meaningful employment. We’ve made it our mission to assist incarcerated individuals as they transition back into society after release by providing the tools necessary for success. As we dive into the offered career paths, it’s important to mention the most important part of these programs – our partners! Without their time and support, these classes wouldn’t be possible. Thank you to Tennessee College of Applied Technology and University of Memphis’ Kemmons Wilson Culinary Institute for collaborating with us as we work to prove that second chances matter.

In partnership with Tennessee College of Applied Technology, our students are able to choose from career paths in Logistics, Building Construction Masonry and Electrical Work. Our students learn from TCAT professors and receive training on state of the art machinery and equipment. This allows them to remain competitive in the ever-changing job market and ensure they’re ready for employment upon release.

Our newest offering is Culinary taught through the University of Memphis’ Kemmons Wilson Culinary Institute. Through this program, students are taught the basics of culinary arts, including food safety and sanitation, culinary leadership and professionalism, and essentials of pastry and baking. Students receive hands-on training and gain invaluable skills through experiential learning.

We’re always looking for new partners to add programs to our existing options. We believe that offering a diverse range of educational programs allows our participants more pathways toward success. After all, students who can choose a career track that is genuinely interesting to them are more likely to actively pursue a career in that trade post-release. If you’re a reputable academic institution interested in partnering with Hope 2 Hire, connect with us today by emailing

If you’re a business owner who works in one of the industries above, we strongly encourage you to consider revising your hiring practices to include people with a criminal background. Hiring people in our community with a criminal record can have an exponential ripple effect, providing meaningful wages and employment to people with marketable skills. An investment in a person reentering society after time spent in prison is an investment in a family, a community, our economy and your business. Learn how you can partner as an employer by emailing

To learn more about Hope 2 Hire, our partners and our purpose, please visit our website at

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