The data behind hiring previously incarcerated people

As we adjust to life during a pandemic, businesses continue to struggle with staffing issues. However, there’s an untapped and often unrecognized sector of workers who are ready for employment – justice-involved individuals. This seems like an easily solvable issue, right? Wrong. Even with the right certifications and qualifications, having a record reduces the likelihood of a callback or offer by as much as 50%.

For previously incarcerated individuals, finding stable employment after release is imperative to breaking the cycle of recidivism. Studies show that justice-involved individuals with solid, full time jobs are less likely to reoffend, which allows them to become active community members and involved family members. In fact, it’s reported that after hiring individuals with records, retention rates increase and turnover decreases. When given a chance, justice-involved individuals are loyal employees.

How can you help?

If you’re looking to make a difference and set an example for fellow business owners, we encourage you to think about your hiring process. If someone indicates that they have been convicted of a crime, do you eliminate them from the candidate pool? While many industries can’t hire people who have a history of involvement with the justice system, some can. We encourage you to have open conversations with people who admit to their previous involvement with the justice system to determine if they person they are today could be a good employee for your company.

Are you interested in getting involved? Partner with Hope 2 Hire today to provide second chances for our neighbors.

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