Employers around the country are opening their doors to ex-felons. Many have adopted hiring practices that provide second chances for many people with a history of justice involvement. This option for hiring allows employers to look at the qualifications of an applicant instead of eliminating them immediately due to a criminal background. Hope 2 Hire, in partnership with TCAT, is making sure the skills and level of training for our students is challenging enough to allow them to be workforce ready upon re-entry.

Hope 2 Hire, in partnership with TCAT, is making sure the skills and level of training for our students is skillful and sufficient to allow them to be workforce ready upon re-entry.

Skills, job training, behavioral counseling and security are resources that can be found within the Hope 2 Hire program for each student. These students apply, then are selected for the program and begin a rigorous class schedule of 13 weeks to become proficient in one of the following vocational trade areas; Logistics, Building Construction Technology, Masonry, or Electrical.

Students must maintain correct and adequate behavior within the dorms to remain in the program. According to former Grants, Education & Vocational Services Manager at Shelby County Division of Corrections and current HopeWorks COO, Patricia Melton, “We will give them 49%. They have to bring in 51% because they have to want it more than us.”

Training goes beyond the classroom with the help and guidance of HopeWorks Inc. They provide case managers and re-entry help to students once they have been trained and certified within the program. HopeWorks provides resumes, internships, job readiness, and more to help students get on their feet and stay. A recent California study found that peer counselors reduced recidivism and kept prisoners away from re-offending.

Great benefits can be gained by partnering with Hope 2 Hire and giving our students a chance within your workforce.

  • Loyalty – This Northwestern University study shows that employees with a criminal background have a longer tenure and are less likely to quit their job, compared to those without a criminal past.
  • Training and skills – TCAT provides state of the art training and readiness for our students. We have efficient equipment for them to practice and train with in order to get them ready for your business. Their 13 week coursework is extensive and each student must rise to the challenge.
  • Tax incentives – The Work Opportunity Tax Credit is a federal tax benefiting employers that hire ex-felons. This gives you a tangible benefit to taking a chance on knowledgeable, skillful workers that have had a rough path in life.
    We believe in second chances. Will you?

Partner with Hope 2 Hire and help us reduce recidivism and grow our community for a better Memphis.

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