Our Partners

The Hope 2 Hire programmatic partnership is comprised of the Shelby County Division of Corrections, HopeWorks Inc. and Tennessee College of Applied Technology. The University of Memphis is assisting the program by providing evaluation and an intern.


The mission of HopeWorks Inc is to provide hope and opportunity through education, spiritual development, and respect for work. This mission is accomplished through work readiness training and adult education programs.

HopeWorks brings a “new life” starter kit to Hope 2 Hire. They provide the newly released students with resume help, birth certificates, financial guidance, internships, and more. They will also pair a case manager with each student from the program. This case manager will aid in the student’s re-entry to society, as well as workforce stability.  Learn more at www.whyhopeworks.org.

TCAT Memphis

The Tennessee College of Applied Technology Memphis provides training and certification in vocational programs for students. Hope 2 Hire students can choose paths within Logistics, Building Construction Technology, Masonry, or Electrician.

These programs provide state-of-the-art technical training for students to obtain and master the technical skills and professional training necessary to advance in today’s competitive job market. Visit tcatmemphis.edu for more information.

Shelby County Division of Corrections

The Shelby County Division of Corrections houses approximately 2,000 inmates (male and female) at any given time, most of whom are medium-to-high risk of re-offending. SCDC is providing inmates, on the road to release, a way to change the outcome of their life.

Hope 2 Hire gives these men and women an opportunity to pick a career path and become skilled within that field before re-entering society. This skill helps to reduce recidivism and keep them on a path they can be proud of. SCDC offers other relapse prevention counseling, but Hope 2 Hire pairs them with tangible skills and job readiness to apply upon release. In Hope 2 Hire their background does not matter, they get to start fresh and make a change.